Boys & Girls Club of the Northtowns Baseball Program



Baseball program available in the City of Tonawanda each and every summer for over 50 years. The Boys & Girls Club of the Northtowns, fields and building(s) located at 325 Franklin Street, Tonawanda, NY. We offer the following in our baseball program:



4 year old Beginning T-Ball


This is where the participant learns the most very basic rudiments of the game (emphasis on drills with catching, throwing, running to base(s) and some hitting)


5-6 year old Advanced T-Ball


A continuation of the Beginning T-Ball program, with more emphasis on hitting and throwing. Some successful players here are permitted to play games in the developmental program to gauge their abilities. 


6-9 year old Developmental Baseball


With the use of a pitching machine, participants are playing real games with real hitting, throwing and running of bases. Player development varies from player to player. Coaches use different styles of teaching the participants. Umpires also teach while on the field as well about specific things to do and where to stand, etc.. Games are 6 innings. Field is smaller in measurements so players can develop quicker.


10-13 year old "Upper Division" Baseball


Real games, real pitching, real everything. Players play 6 inning games. Most players at this level have matriculated through the program and have progressed to a more competitive style of program.  Field is regulation Little League measurements.


We are open to any and all players who are looking to learn and play baseball. We use the motto of  "All Children Can Play". We don't have sign up deadlines, offer a very favorable fee structure and placement preferences for the families and children. If your child has demonstrated a desire to play on June 20th, approximately half way through the season, he or she will be placed on a team. We want the kids to play, have a positive experience, develop athletic and social skills and make new friends !!!!!!