Chris Collins, County Executive

HEAP Outreach hours are 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, unless otherwise indicated. Interviews are conducted on a first come, first served basis. All prospective clientele are welcome to apply for HEAP assistance at outreach sites, regardless of age or disability.
The Outreach schedule is subject to additions or changes. If you need more information you may contact the HEAP hotline at 858-7870 or visit, click the “County Departments and Agencies” link to access information about HEAP by following the Senior Services or Social Services Department links.
As always, the HEAP offices at 478 Main and 291 Pearl are open daily 8:00am -4:30pm.



OUTREACH SCHEDULE  (check back for more dates)


Applications are available in Mayor's Office, 200 Niagara St, City of Tonawanda (716)695-8645



There may be changes to the schedule.  Please visit or call the HEAP hotline @858-7870 for the most current information.




Regular HEAP:


  • The HEAP mail out of “Early Access” applications to Households that received HEAP last season and have a Senior Citizen, Disabled, or vulnerable member, commenced 8/27, and will last approximately four weeks. HEAP funding is limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

    • The only documentation needed from those who receive the early access application is copies of earned income (last 4 weeks proof of wages -pay stubs).

    • Returning applicants are not required to submit proof of Social Security, SSD, workers comp, unemployment, utility bills, or proof of residency.

    • New applicants, (who may apply when the season officially opens), are required to submit documents supporting those items.

  • Clients who are receiving Temporary Assistance (TA) or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps) may have the Regular HEAP benefit processed and credited automatically to their heating bill in December or January. These TA or SNAP households do not need to apply by mail or in person for Regular HEAP assistance. These Households will not receive an early access application.

  • TA or SNAP clients wishing to verify automatic HEAP benefit may call the HEAP hotline (858-7644) on or after October 15th.

  • The HEAP application request line (858-1969) will begin accepting requests on October 15th from households who believe they should have received an early access application but did not, and for those new to the HEAP program. However, we can not mail out or process applications from new applicants until official program opening date.

  • The mail in application is for a Regular HEAP benefit only, for household’s main source of heat. We will begin notifying companies of approvals from early access applications when program opens. The approval may restore service, or will create a 30 day hold from termination of service, or will result in a delivery of fuel, depending on the circumstances.




The Home Energy Assistance Program is federally funded and designed to assist eligible households with home heating costs and energy conservation. HEAP program components include benefit assistance for energy bills, furnace repair or replacement, weatherization referral & energy conservation repairs, and cooling assistance (based on medical necessity; in summer months). We are looking forward to another productive season.  




HEAP HOTLINE: 858-7870



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