*Cross references:  Buildings and building regulations, ch. 14; waste generated by contractors, 50-44. 



Sec. 18-191.  Definitions.
The following words, terms and phrases, when used in this article, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning:
Contractor  includes anyone engaged in the business of cement or concrete contracting, either flat, form or wall work, or as a masonry contractor, or as a carpenter contractor, or as a tree trimmer, or as a general contractor, or as a commercial sign installer, electrical contractor, HVAC contractor, swimming pool installer, fence installer, and any person engaged in the construction, alteration or repair of buildings or other structures or sidewalks or street pavements or demolition of buildings. 
(Code 1989, 116-1)
Cross references:  Definitions generally, 1-2. 

Sec. 18-192.  Penalty.
Except as stated in this article, violations of this article are punishable as provided in section 1-7.

Sec. 18-193.  Compliance with applicable laws.
It shall be the duty of all contractors to comply with all ordinances relating to the construction of buildings or other structures and to the construction of streets or sidewalk pavements and with all laws or ordinances pertaining to or regulating the activities engaged in.
(Code 1989, 116-6)
Secs. 18-194--18-210.  Reserved.


Sec. 18-211.  Required.
(a)   It shall be unlawful to engage in business in the city as a contractor without first having obtained a license therefor as provided in this division.
(b)   Engaging in the construction, repair or alteration of any building or structure or street or sidewalk pavement in the city for which a permit is required under the ordinances of the city shall be construed as doing business as a contractor in the city.
(Code 1989, 116-2)

Sec. 18-212.  Application.
(a)   Any person desiring to engage in the contracting business shall make application for a license to the building inspector on a form prescribed by the building inspector. The application shall be signed and verified under oath by the applicant if an individual, and by a duly authorized agent if a partnership, or by a duly authorized officer of a corporation.
(b)   The application shall contain the following information:
(1)   If a person, the name, residence and business address of the applicant.
(2)   If a partnership, the name, residence and business address of each partner.
(3)   If a domestic corporation, the name and business address of the corporation and the name and residence address of the principal officer of the corporation; and if a foreign corporation, the date it was authorized to do business in the state, together with the names of the particular officers and local agents and their residence and business addresses.
(4)   The number of years the applicant has engaged in the contracting business.
(5)   The specific type of business or work performed by the applicant and the particular type of license requested.
(6)   The approximate number of persons to be employed by the applicant.
(7)   Satisfactory evidence that employees of the applicant are covered by workers' compensation and disability insurance.
(8)   Satisfactory evidence that the applicant is covered by general liability, personal injury and property damage insurance.
(9)   A statement of credit references of suppliers of home improvement materials.
(10)   A criminal record, if any, as certified by the chief of police.
(11)   Such other information as the building inspector may require.
(Code 1989, 116-3)

Sec. 18-213.  Issuance or denial.
The building inspector is to issue or deny the application for a contractor's license. Any application so approved shall be issued by the building inspector upon payment to the building inspector of the fee required by this division.
(Code 1989, 116-4)

Sec. 18-214.  Term; renewal.
(a)   All licenses issued under this division shall expire on December 31.
(b)   Any license which has not been suspended or revoked may, upon the payment of a fee as prescribed by this division, be renewed for an additional period of one year from its expiration upon filing of an application for renewal on a form to be prescribed by the building inspector.
(Code 1989, 116-5(A), (C))

Sec. 18-215.  Replacement of lost or destroyed license.
A duplicate contractor's license may be issued for a lost, destroyed or mutilated license upon application therefor to the building inspector and upon payment of the fee prescribed therefore by this division.
(Code 1989, 116-5(D))

Sec. 18-216.  Transfer.
No contractor's license shall be assignable or transferable.
(Code 1989, 116-5(E))

Sec. 18-217.  Fees.
(a)   License fee.  The fee for a contractor's license or for any renewal thereof to conduct a contracting business shall be as established in section 30-154. 
(b)   Replacement of license.  The fee for issuing a duplicate license for one lost, destroyed or mutilated shall be as established in section 30-154. 
(Code 1989, 116-5(F), (G))

Sec. 18-218.  Insurance.
No permit shall be issued for the construction of a building or structure in the city or for the repair or alteration of the interior or exterior of any building or structure unless a certificate or other proof is filed showing that the contractor carries workers' compensation insurance, if necessary, and public liability insurance providing umbrella coverage of at least $300,000.00. The city shall be issued a certificate of insurance showing the required insurance coverage.
(Code 1989, 116-8)

Sec. 18-219.  Revocation.
Any contractor's license may be revoked by the building inspector for repeated violations of any ordinance relating to the construction of buildings, the use of streets or the replacing of streets, sidewalks or parkways, or any other ordinance relating to the work performed by such contractor. Such revocation may be in addition to any fine imposed for violating this article.
(Code 1989, 116-7)
Secs. 18-220--18-240.  Reserved.


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